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Canadian Peace Initiative AGM 2014

Canadian Peace Initiative will be hosting their National AGM in both East and West regions this year. Teleconferencing and Skype will be used to join sessions simultaneously on Nov. 2, 2014 and on October 26,2014 Western Chapter Representatives will meet in Vancouver for work on National AGM actions. More details to come.

Bertha Von Suttner: A Life for Peace Exhibit at U of A

Exhibit: “Bertha Von Suttner: A Life for Peace”
25 August - 30 September: Rutherford Library South: Exhibition: “Bertha Von Suttner: A Life for Peace”. Introductory Program with remarks from Dr. Joseph F. Patrouch and Dr. Helga Mitterbauer 12 September, 12:30pm.

Exhibit made possible by the generous support of the Austrian Canadian Council. Sponsored by the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies.
When   Mon Aug 25 – Mon Sep 15, 2014

Where   Rutherford Library South, University of Alberta (map)

Bertha Von Suttner Papers http://www.berthavonsuttner.com/PAPERS/index.html

NEW Book Read by Edmonton Women's Political Book Club

The War That EndeThe War That Ended Peace Coverd Peace: The Road to 1914

One prevailing theme of most First World War histories is the inevitability of conflict: Europe wanted a war in 1914 and was waiting for the perfect excuse.

In her wonderful book, Margaret MacMillan takes a different approach. Why,she asks was Europe unable to keep the peace as it had done so many times before?
 For entire book review>>  or to join Edm Women's Bk Club discussion on Sept. 17, 2014 email Irene at CDPI@shaw.ca

Romeo Dallairie on The War That Ended Peace

“That MacMillan's research is both thorough and of the utmost quality goes without saying; however, the relevant lessons she draws out of the "puzzle" that precipitated the Great War bear repeating again and again. Above all she reminds us that, even in an increasingly interconnected world, nothing is inevitable and there are always choices to be made that can lead us to achieve conflict prevention.”

General Romeo Dallaire

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